About us

PuriRide was formed in May 2020.
Our products are in Automated Vehicle Hand Sanitizing Dispensers aimed at both the B2B and B2C markets.
We have designed, patented our product and trademarked our brand product which are all registered in the USPTO.

Hand Sanitizing Dispensers will lower anxiety around COVID19 cases for riders and drivers in the passenger transport industry and the typical family vehicle. We also believe this will be the new norm and the way people travel hygienically and safe.
The Automated Air Vent Hand Sanitizer Dispenser design sets out to address drivers need to sanitize upon every entry and exit of their journey. The Air Vent Hand Sanitizer Dispenser design also addresses any rider travelling in larger group’s requiring sanitizing in the front passenger seat. The Automated Back Seat Hand Sanitizer Dispenser addresses the rear seat experience.

Please feel free to contact us by sending email to contact@puriridedispensers.com if you have any questions.